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Privacy Policy

Effective as of October 12, 2021

This privacy policy is intended to inform users (hereinafter referred to as "the User", "you") of the policy of the company DIGIKARE (hereinafter referred to as "DIGIKARE", "we") concerning the management of their personal data, particularly their confidentiality in relation to with the use of the Orthense service (hereinafter referred to as "Orthense", " Service ”).


Welcome to Orthense

Welcome to our users. Who are we ? DIGIKARE is a company French data processing service for health. She edits the service Orthense. This service, created by and for orthopedics, supports caregivers and patients for the success of medical treatment.

Are you scheduled for orthopedic surgery?

Only an orthopedic surgeon, subscribed to the Service, can offer it to the patient. who is free to refuse it without calling into question the nature of the care that he will lavish on her.

Our leitmotif is “Better measurement for better care”. We will not stop repeat it but your data is only used for a single purpose: success of your care, and once anonymized, they only serve as a objective, the improvement of care, care pathways or medical devices.

DIGIKARE has a medical committee composed exclusively of surgeons orthopedists whose primary mission is to ensure the ethics and ethics of its decisions.

Are you participating in a clinical study?

The Orthense service, initially created for orthopedics, was requested by doctors of all specialties to assist them in conducting studies large-scale clinics. This being in line with our leitmotif " Better measure for better care ”. We have agreed to open the service Orthense for this purpose.

Your data is only used for a single purpose of carrying out the study, and it is only once anonymized that they can serve the purpose of the study.

The Service is edited by us, that is to say, by the company DIGIKARE SAS whose head office is located at 2 avenue de l'Escadrille Normandie Niémen, 31700 BLAGNAC. Do not hesitate to contact us for any information at following email: [[email protected]] (mailto: [email protected])

The hosting of the Service is provided by the companies: CLARANET and MICROSOFT.

All health data is hosted by the company CLARANET, accredited host of Health Data (HDS) since 2010, and HDS certified since 2018 (Infrastructure host and HDS outsourcer).

However, the company MICROSOFT having obtained HDS certification since 2019, any data collected, whether medical or not and processed by the service Orthense is located in an environment that strictly respects the framework regulations associated with personal data and, moreover, health.

Securing your data is a given, our duty and your right. We respect the privacy rules imposed by law French and European Community directives and regulations. We have notified the CNIL of the availability of our Service to the public, under the declarations bearing the numbers: 2173700 and 2173703. These declarations certify that DIGIKARE adheres to the data protection directives personal as to their safety, integrity and the limitations of their use. If an inconsistency occurs between the clauses of the charter data protection of DIGIKARE and the principles decreed by the CNIL, the CNIL rules will prevail. To learn more about its rules on protection of privacy, do not hesitate to read the CNIL website of the European regulation: https://www.cnil.fr/fr/reglement-europeen-protection-donnees

All that being said, we wanted to go further, so on May 13, 2019, the Orthense service obtained ADEL certification, guaranteeing the ethics of its processing and its use of digital data.

About this Policy

This privacy policy does not replace our terms general terms of use, its purpose is to specify our use of your personal data. It applies to all of our services.

What personal data do we collect from you?

We focus on personal data that is useful for the execution of the mission entrusted to us, your medical support, and of course, we make sure that we offer you the best possible experience.

Thus, the personal data we collect can be categorized Thus :

  • Data related to your identity: first name, last name, telephone, address postal, email ...

  • Data related to your use of the service: connection time, failure authentication ...

  • Data related to your payment or purchase of the service, this is not the case only if you are a surgeon.

  • Data related to your use of partner services authentication: if you are using a third-party authentication service such as FranceConnect, e-CPS ...

  • Data related to your use of other partner services including you authorize us access, for example, an application associated with an object connected as a pedometer.

You may be surprised not to note the listing of medical data. That is the subject of another chapter of this document, but first of all, be aware that we have explicitly separated medical data from identifying data (firstname name...). That being said, we collect:

  • Medical data, their nature is decided and defined exclusively by doctors, guarantors of their relevance. It can be a level of pain, a date concerning the resumption of driving ...

How do we collect this data?

DIGIKARE collects personal data when a professional health (surgeon ...) is registered, when he registers a patient, when a patient complete their user profile when you use our Service.

We will use your email address so that you can use our Service and we may also contact you by phone to ensure optimal monitoring of this use. You can refuse to be contacted by email by DIGIKARE Services, knowing that if you choose to no longer accept email contacts, you may no longer have the ability to use our Services.

Below are some example situations where we collect your data of a personal nature:

  1. When you register, we collect your personal data such as as your name. If you are a patient, the name of your surgeon, pathology and date of surgery. This allows us to prepare our Service, such as convalescence questionnaires, perfectly suited to your personal case.

  2. When contacting electronically, we record the address electronics that you used.

  3. During a satisfaction survey, we can help you contact to find out your level of satisfaction with the use of our service. You will have the choice to answer or not to these surveys of satisfaction and your answers will not influence your access to our Service.

  4. Whatever your equipment (mobile, computer, tablet), we collect the information in the same way.

If you are a patient, at the cost of insisting and getting bored, we will undertake to process your personal data in a manner that complies with which you have given us permission to, to help your preparation or your convalescence. No personal data will be collected without your permission. We collect personal data:

  1. When you use our Service, we may collect, after we have explicitly given your consent, data automatically from location data (GPS), data from accelerometers or objects connected, cookies, helping to better assess your state of health care or an identification mechanism.

  2. When you answer the various questionnaires decided by your surgeon or investigating physician of the clinical study in which you participate, we record your responses and ensure that they do not may be shared with third parties without your permission.

  3. When you specify your identity (age, sex), necessary for constraints of identity and vigilance associated with health data, allowing demographic data

What do we use your personal data for?

DIGIKARE will not rent, sell, or share your data personal, with third parties or companies not affiliated with DIGIKARE. The exceptions are as follows: if you ask us at the glance of a service that we need to provide to you, if you give us permission.

Your surgeon may have to prescribe the acquisition of a device medical or you recommend the purchase of a product. In order to guarantee acquiring the right product, at the right time and at the expected price, it can propose a connection with a particular supplier. Your choice whether or not to use this provider will not change its support. If he uses the Orthense service to do so, we may need to share with the supplier the following personal data:

  • Common data used during the remote control of a product

    • First and last name

    • Address

    • Your phone number

    • Your email address

  • In the event that the supplier ensures the delivery of the product and that this last must be provided to you next to a specific date.

    • Your date of operation
  • In the event that the supplier practices partial third-party payment

    • Social Security number
  • In the event that, the supplier practices total third-party payment

    • AMC number (Complementary Health Insurance)

The supplier will be named explicitly and you will have his contact details electronic and telephone.

The success of your treatment

The data collected has essentially two purposes, but one is heard our priority as much as yours: the success of the care, the second purpose is to improve the service provided, that is to say your user experience.

Thus, if we collect your first and last name, it is only to serve support and feed into an identity-vigilance process.

Some of you may be invited to participate in the research medical, to support the continuous improvement of medicine. With regard to the methodology that will be used to conduct the research, they will receive documents detailing its own purpose and the data used to do so.

Be aware that, even in this context, your personal data will not be used only as a result of their anonymization. And this is a crucial point of our engagement, even anonymized, your data serves only one purpose improvement, whether it is care, care pathways or medical devices.

How do we protect your personal data?

We do everything within our means to guarantee you the reliability and accuracy of the data you entrust to us. Beyond data of a personal nature, we collect and process health data, for this title, we have implemented a policy aimed at our employees. reminding them of their responsibility and forbidding them any access (for those not authorized), any use or disclosure of personal information of a inappropriately or illegally.

We have implemented security measures to protect the data at personal character against unauthorized access, inappropriate use, alteration, loss or destruction.

We indicated it in a previous chapter. Our technical manager, best serving his responsibility as a data protection officer, put implement an IT architecture that explicitly separates the data identifying medical data. You are the only ones who can reassociate its data, with the exception of authorized employees, declared and having this ability to ensure support and continuity of service.

All its measures will be useless without your participation: keep your confidential username and password, do not share your password with anyone even us, only use it to authenticate yourself to the Orthense service.

DIGIKARE is not responsible for transactions and information exchange between you and a third party, who do not use the Services of DIGIKARE. Any information that you exchange with a third party will be under your full responsibility.

What are my rights over my data?

You have rights, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) list them, we help you to exercise them.

You can consult and modify a large part of your personal data personal simply from Orthense.

That being said, please do not hesitate to contact our Data Protection Officer data, to the following email address: [[email protected]] (mailto: [email protected]), to exercise all of your rights: access, rectification, limitation, erasure and opposition.

If you are a patient, because you are a user of our service in response to a surgeon's wish to support you remotely in your preparation and recovery from surgery, we will inform him of your request for limitation, erasure or opposition of your personal data. Our goal is that he does not interpret your non-participation incorrectly, and without calling into question the exercise of your right.

We do everything possible to keep up to date and in the most precise and complete your personal data. You can help us keep your personal information up to date by notifying us of any changes (email address, phone ...) as soon as possible via Orthense.

Only a limitation imposed by law could oblige us to refuse to exercise any of your rights.

Finally, if you have any concerns about our full compliance with your rights, and that we cannot convince you that we are working to answer, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the National Commission for Informatics and Freedoms (CNIL) or your local data protection authority.

Sharing your personal data

By default, we will not share your personal data, if such case arises, and we see ourselves having to mobilize a company for us help at the end of the stated treatment, it will not have any rights particular and in the obligation to respect this confidentiality policy.

Data retention and deletion

Apart from your exercise of your right to delete data, if your personal data is health data, we will keep it for a period, a priori, of 10 years with regard to the updated regulation targeting archiving of medical data as part of the shared medical file.

Transfer to other countries

We will not transfer any of your data, both personal data than those of a medical nature, outside the European Union.


The information presented by Orthense is defined by physicians, they use any resource they deem relevant to it. So we cannot not control or be held responsible for such content and the practices of third parties who manage it. For example, doctors can draw profit from video services such as YouTube, Vimeo ... It is impossible for us to act on the practices of these companies, you may therefore face advertisements, or content of any kind in no way related to our service. We can only recommend that you pay attention to their confidentiality.

Changes to this Policy

It is possible that we need to modify all or part of the clauses of our privacy policy. We will then notify you by electronic. Membership of this new version will be required for you can continue to use our Services. You will always be informed of the how DIGIKARE collects and uses your data and under what conditions your data is processed.

Contact us

Thank you for taking the time and care to read our policy confidentiality. If you have any questions about it, any suggestions improvement, do not hesitate to contact our data protection officer data, via email: [[email protected]] (mailto: [email protected]), or post: DIGIKARE, DPO, Ethics Village, 2 avenue de l'escadrille Normandie Niémen, 31 700 BLAGNAC, France.

Now, we are in a hurry to have you among our users. Let's transform the health system together, by enhancing your care.

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